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2017-04-26 09:25 am
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Between Nino and Ohno

Minna, help me get out from my dream... XD

I'm nino's fan, but in my dream I get married with oh-chan. lol

Now I'm confuse to choose nino or ohno to be my ichiban. <3<3<3
I dont want to betray nino, but oh-chan really sweet guy... <3 XD
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2017-04-13 09:33 am

My way to be Arashian... v( * ' w ' * )v

I love to watch yamada tarou monogatari from a long time ago. I love nino and sho act together, but those time I dont know more about them. just adore both of them, especially nino.

Then a year ago, maybe on january/february, my friend post a picture of nino and sho from Music Station. I just wonder if they make another drama/movie together again, so I search about nino and sho.

and Voilaa....
I just know that they are members of japanese top Idol, Arashi. and I saw matsujun which I adore from gokusen. whoa, what group is this? they are too perfect to combine. then I just know that "happiness" the yamatarou ost is one of their song.. as I love the song so i search their other songs, and I got Breathless, Truth, Lotus, Believe, Kokoro no Sora and Monster... How cool they are... and I cant stop stalking about them until now as there are too many videos and information about them...

After I watched some of their show they really make me falling love with them, as how cool they are tolerate each other different personality..

I try to join some group/community about arashi, and most of them is nice person... I'm really happy became arashian... <3
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2017-02-12 12:50 am

My account based of Nino of Arashi

I make this DW because of arashi, especialy because of nino <3