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I need more nino....

This is what I get from the PV:
40% sakurai >> Rapping
25% jun >> Curtain
20% ohno >> Solo & adlib
10% aiba
5% nino

And nino didnt move much, he try to be cool, but it not trough to my heart.
I think I know why there is no short version everywhere. lol

But I least I'm happy to get the album. <3
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After I listen some part of their song, this is my impression of their unit song.

UB - Nino & Aiba
Calming song, I love this type of song, nino voice really won this time, and aiba voice really friendly here and there. I love to play it every morning to make day brighter. I hope Nino also have duet song like this with ohchan, I think it will be more magestic. (gomen my ohmiya lover comeout)

Yoru no kage - Nino & Ohno & Jun
SEXY.... that is the first word that I say when I hear this song. And I really love that the song started with nino voice, really make my heart melt. I love this triple. their voice help each other became richer. This song really make me wanna watch their sexy performance, their killer eyes and their sexy moves. Kyaaa.... I cant wait their sing it in the concert.

Comeback - Jun & Sho
The song come out like what I think. Rap and night song. I just think of night club of this song. Dont impress me much, as I ever watch their duet on arafest when jun DJ-ing and Sho Rapping.

Bazuri night  - Sho & Aiba & Ohno
Game center song. lol. Really they just wanna have fun with this song. Make me remember of Ohmiya SK song, just have fun here and there. I love ohchan voice, but I think I can get it here, he just have fun with sakuraiba. But I think this will be great song on the concert.

And for the other song (sugar, green light, kanpai song):
All of it is active song, I'll play it if my mood is good. It will be fun on the concert. but honestly I want more ballad song.
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"There are some people who want to have more handsome face or want to have taller body. I don’t need them at all, because I don’t need neither of them to live, they are not the absolute condition to live a happy life, aren’t they? On the contrary, it’s how to live with the complexity. But I think our surrounding environment set too high standard for us, that is why everyone is too hard on themselves. Regardless that my physical strength below average, as long as I can work with healthy body, I think it’s enough. If we can think that lightly, there’s no way for us to feel trouble by the complexity."

- Ninomiya Kazunari -

IT Magazine 107 Edition
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(Jacket visuals are different for both 2 specs)

【First Press Edition】
* Lyrics Photo booklet Included Special package specification (Number of pages unknown)

[CD] 13 songs all
· Power of the Paradise (2016 / Sept Single)
· I'll be there (2017 / April Single)
· Tsunagu (2017 / June Single)
· 10 new songs (9 songs including album · lead song "unfinished" + 1 song suite)

Album · lead song "unfinished"
Video Clip + Making and More Special Pictures

【Normal Edition】
* Lyric booklet inclusion (page number undecided)

[CD] (2 sheets / 18 songs in total)
· Power of the Paradise (2016 / Sept Single)
· I'll be there (2017 / April Single)
· Tsunagu (2017 / June Single)
· 15 new songs (9 songs including album · lead song "unfinished + 1 song combination, 4 unit songs + 1 bonus track)

16th album full of new challenge!

Arashi 's 16th album' untitled '(reading: un title) is released!
Based on the history of the group so far, sublimed the unfinished parts and sublimated, the desire that the storm of 18 years of debut boldly challenged!
A number of elements such as "Wa", "DIGITAL", "Classic", "HIPHOP" are complicatedly intertwined, thrilling and overflowing
Among the sounds, albums and songs that make you feel Arashi-like feeling, "incomplete", including songs that make them feel their new ground, with the lead.
In addition, as the group's first attempt, incorporate a variety of genres in one long piece of music that lasts more than 10 minutes, expressing the piece as one piece of music!
Listening throughout the entire song makes you feel like you have been walking as a group, it is a masterpiece that is sufficiently listening comprehensive.
As recording contents, there are 3 singles of "Power of the Paradise", "I'll be there", "Tsunagu" and 10 new songs!
[First Press Limited Edition] will include album / lead song "unfinished" video clip, and making and other special footage.

* Album titles also include angle brackets ("). "Untitled" will be the title of the work.
Title (English name): untitled

Official News Page:
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Minna, help me get out from my dream... XD

I'm nino's fan, but in my dream I get married with oh-chan. lol

Now I'm confuse to choose nino or ohno to be my ichiban. <3<3<3
I dont want to betray nino, but oh-chan really sweet guy... <3 XD
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Hello, I'm Niyuzuku.
This is my first fanfic story that I write. I have many stories running in my mind, but usually I'm too lazy to write it.
This is one long story, but I make it became some part, that you can enjoy it as some short stories or as a long story.
Note: Some part is adult rating, so I gave the rating.
Hope you like it.


TITLE : When I meet my Idol
Note: Nino cameo

TITLE : Love is growing

TITLE : Married already?

TITLE : Let's do it

TITLE : Family things

TITLE : I miss you

TITLE : Confession

TITLE : Our Night

TITLE : Different pattern

TITLE : First Curry

TITLE : Secret Door
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I love to watch yamada tarou monogatari from a long time ago. I love nino and sho act together, but those time I dont know more about them. just adore both of them, especially nino.

Then a year ago, maybe on january/february, my friend post a picture of nino and sho from Music Station. I just wonder if they make another drama/movie together again, so I search about nino and sho.

and Voilaa....
I just know that they are members of japanese top Idol, Arashi. and I saw matsujun which I adore from gokusen. whoa, what group is this? they are too perfect to combine. then I just know that "happiness" the yamatarou ost is one of their song.. as I love the song so i search their other songs, and I got Breathless, Truth, Lotus, Believe, Kokoro no Sora and Monster... How cool they are... and I cant stop stalking about them until now as there are too many videos and information about them...

After I watched some of their show they really make me falling love with them, as how cool they are tolerate each other different personality..

I try to join some group/community about arashi, and most of them is nice person... I'm really happy became arashian... <3
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I make this DW because of arashi, especialy because of nino <3

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